Stop paying so damn much for your mailing list.

Just $2

for every 1,000 emails.

Send your newsletters
directly from Gmail.

Use what you love

We're built specifically for G Suite.  

Hassle free setup

Start sending emails in less than 5 minutes.  


Give us a few details
We need to know things like your legit address, and which email addresses are authorized to send to your lists.


Put your list into a Sheet
If it’s not there already! There’s just one required column for addresses, the rest is completely optional (for merge tags).


Compose in Gmail
Writing an email with EML is just like old times, with a bit extra. We’ll add codes on links you include and track them for you.


Pay, send & measure
Buy credits, schedule your letters, and watch them go. We’ll record some useful metrics for you right in your Google Sheet.

Quit paying chump tax on email

In 2018, sending email should be cheap.

It's friggin' email

With other providers, you’re really paying a premium for all the nerdy little features you don’t need. It’s 2018, and this is email. C’mon.

Geek out on your product or service, not your email.

No monthly plans

Who says you need to send emails every month? The only thing EML collects when you’re away is digital dust—keep your money!

1 plan offered: it’s $0 per month.


We don’t offer plans with “unlimited” emails, because we don’t think you should be paying for emails you can’t send.

Send 1,000 emails for $2

Just what you need

At a price you'll love.

  • No Subscriptions
  • Easy List Management
  • In-Sheet Reporting
  • Unlimited Team Size
  • E-mail Scheduling
  • No-brainer UI
  • Custom Mail Merge Tags
  • Autogen Link Tracking
  • No Daily Send Limit
  • 1,000 emails for $2
  • Embeddable Capture Form
  • ...and more!

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